Short Wavelength Heaters

Luminessence Inc, now manufactures special portable infrared heaters!

We have combined the special short wavelength Philips halogen HELEN Lamp with a parabolic high reflectance, low absorbtion, specular aluminum reflector to provide focused heat wherever and whenever needed for a wide variety of heating applications.


  • Instant Heat
  • Clean & Safe
  • Economical
  • Low maintenance
  • Focused heat
  • High wind resistance


  • >90% heat emission within 1 second
  • No pollution or by-products
  • >85% of consumed energy transmitted into heat
  • 7000 hour lamp life
  • On/off switching does not affect life of lamps
  • Quartz envelope thats heat and shock resistant
  • Fully controllable (0-100%)
Heater at Moxie's restaurant

Great for any location

  • Outdoor Terraces and Patios
  • Draughty areas
  • Churches
  • Work places
  • Bus and LRT Stations
  • Building Entrances

These infrared heaters are efficient, incredibly easy to use, noiseless, and have no warm-up time! They are rugged enough to be used for paint drying facilities, and so lightweight they can easily be moved wherever needed.

The Helen uses a short wave infrared element specially coated for reduced glare. This 7000-hour rated element is virtually maintenance free! No preheating is required! With a conventional dimmer, these units can be controlled to put out more or less heat as needed to ensure optimum comfort.

Our halogen heater is 10 to 20 times more powerful than most conventional heaters. Powered by electricity, not gas, the unit can be plugged in to any standard power outlet. The unit also has a unique housing and reflector design to provide focused heating energy.

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