Luminessence T5 High Output Fluorescent
Retail Display Track Light Luminaires

T5HO Fluorescent Track Luminaires by Luminessence are an Energy Efficient fluorescent track fixtures available on the market today.

They use the T5HO 30,000 hour rated lamp, together with our patented Luminessence MICRO5 reflector. This retail display luminaire can replace as many as three or four (75 Watt) incandescent track heads and is 10% brighter than other compact fluorescent models on the market that consume 80 Watts of energy.

Available from Luminessence Lighting in 24 Watt, 24 inch (2,000 lumens) or 54 Watt, 48 inch (5,000 lumens) models, this slimline fluorescent track mount luminaire comes ready to install on all major types of track like Halo, Juno, Lightolier, Kendal and Galaxy.

The patented design of the Luminessence Micro5 reflector provides the special optics that allows the fixture to send all it's light to the product on display without wasting energy.

When compared to other two lamp PL fluorescent units that use 80 Watts with only a 12,000 hours rated lamp life, and 10% less light on the product. You will see the advantage to using the trim slim line more effective and efficient Luminessence Track Luminaire.

The life cycle savings for one 24 Watt (2') fixture over 4 years (5,000 hrs/yrs) is:

  • Energy savings $90 (at $0.08 per KWh)
  • Lamp savings $48 (6 lamps @ $8 each)
  • CO2 emissions reduction of 0.9 tonnes valued at $15/tonne = $2
  • Total (24 Watt unit) savings $138.

A one lamp 54 unit replacing 4 - 75 Watt par 38 lamps operating 6,000 hours will save $120 in energy and $110 in lamps or $230 per year!

Order Model Numbers:

  • Model 1003-121 24 Watt (2 ft 1-lamp)
  • Model 1003-122 48 Watt (2 ft 2-lamp)
  • Model 1003-141 54 Watt (4 ft 1-lamp)
  • Model 1003-142 108 Watt (4 ft 2-lamp)

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