Sign Lighting

Luminessence offers cold weather rated luminaries that:

  • Provide uniform light where you want it.
  • Use T5 fluorescent high output electronic technology.
  • Are low-profile, making them architecturally pleasing.
  • Can be provided in colours to match your exterior colour scheme.
  • Minimize light trespass and light pollution.

Here are some more benefits of installing the newest in lighting technology, T5 High Output (T5HO):

  • No ballast hum (T12 ballasts indoors are often noisy)
  • No lamp flicker
  • Much brighter sign (twice the brightness of standard T12 lamps)
  • Much brighter sign at -40°C (brightness is equivalent to T12 at 20°C)
  • Much better colour rendering
  • The light (lumen) output is higher; it stays higher over the life of the lamp
  • Fewer lamps and ballasts needed; therefore, significant operation and maintenance savings
  • Two year guarantee on new lamps
  • Five year guarantee on new ballasts
  • 25 year guarantee on Luminessence Micro 6 reflector
  • Lower lighting load will reduce energy consumption by 50%

The GlareBuster™

The GlareBuster™ can be used as an effective sign light in addition to lighting the walkway below the sign, click here to find out more.

Ordering Information

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