The GlareBuster

The GlareBuster

Luminessence is pleased to bring you the GlareBuster™. As the official Canadian distributor we provide the best prices in Canadian dollars. The GlareBuster™ is one of the leading technologies in the effort to stop light pollution.

The GlareBuster™ is designed to illuminate the desired area using less wattage than conventional floodlights. Consuming less energy means less electricity needs to be produced. By using more efficient products that conserve energy, we can all help keep our planet cleaner - and $ave money too!

IDA Dark Sky SealThe GlareBuster has received the 'Dark Sky Friendly' Seal from The International Dark Sky Association (IDA). Upward light can contribute to sky glow, which needlessly blots out our view of the stars. By using the GlareBuster™, no light gets directed upward into the night sky.

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GlareBuster™ GB 2000 Pricing

1-8 Units $130ea.
9-16 Units $120ea.
16-40 Units $110ea.
>40 Units $100ea.

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