Energy Efficient Office Lighting

Lighting is responsible for up to one third of an office building's electricity needs. Luminessence lowers operating costs for building owners, property managers and tenants by upgrading their lighting to an ultra energy efficient system. In addition to lowering costs, this provides superior lighting quality and increases the client's asset value.

Power Usage

Our proprietary ultra efficient lighting system consumes as low as 0.65 watts per square foot. As shown in the above chart, typical energy consumption for existing lighting is 2.6 to 3.0 watts per square foot, and even after an energy saving retrofit the power use is typically 1.5 watts per square foot. Our system generates a direct energy savings of 75% over the existing standard and 57% over the standard energy retrofit, shown in the below chart. Our audit design system determines the optimum savings and payback period without additional custom engineering. The design employs a mixture of our own specialized reflector shapes, ultra high efficiency fixtures, commercially available fixtures and lighting controls.

Energy Savings